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Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Whether you are investing in your home or preparing for hurricane season, impact windows & doors are a smart investment for you and your family. Not only do they contribute to the safety of your home, but they are an essential part of having an energy efficient home.

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What is an impact window or door?

Often referred to as impact windows and doors, impact-resistant windows and doors are a relatively new technology that are wonderful for homes throughout Florida and other hurricane susceptible regions. These combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame. Additionally impact-resistant glass is comprised of two panes of glass bonded together with a special interlayer of clear polyvinyl butyral. Try saying that three times fast!

While an attempted break in or wind-borne debris can crack the glass on impact, the interlayers will keep the overall window and door intact. Thus preventing destructive winds or intruders from gaining entry to your home. Additionally, replacing your traditional windows with impact windows will help improve your energy efficiency of your home.

Here’s things to look for:

  1. Impact window style options
  2. Laminated insulating glass
  3. Heat-reducing glass tints
  4. Hi-performance low-E selections
  5. Energy Star Ratings