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For any homeowner the roof is an important part of the safety and security of your home. But have you considered how your roof impacts the energy efficiency of your home?

roofing blog 1 - Rubenstein Homes FL

How your roof can save you money

How a roof can save you money may seem like a crazy notion but there are a few factors that have a very significant impact on your energy efficiency and thus the electrical demand in your home. When you consider how factors such as heat retention or cooling affect how hard your A/C works it also affects your potential savings in regards to utility maintenance.

  1. Solar Reflection: The more effectively your roof reflects solar light, the more energy-efficient will be.
  2. Roof Ventilation: A roof that lacks proper ventilation can trap heat in your attic thus putting a huge strain on your air conditioning system.
  3. Energy Star Rating: Roofs built using Energy Star shingles are better at reflecting solar energy back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it and transferring it into your home.
  4. Shingle Color: Homes in cold-weather areas benefit from dark shingles, while homes in hot climates should have lighter roof colors to help deflect sunlight.
  5. Modernized Shingles: Old roofing material are not as effective or energy-efficient as newer materials thus making them less effective at keeping out wind.

Considering the many factors that go into choosing the right roof for you and your home, it is worth it to consult with a roofing specialist to learn more about how we can help you save!