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Our Services

Hurricane Impact Window & Doors

Living in Florida, having quality windows and doors is an essential part of hurricane preparedness. But no matter the time of year your windows & doors play a significant part in your energy efficiency. Ensuring you have top-of-the-line windows & doors installed not only reduces energy waste, but helps ensure more efficient cooling and heating, and reduced sound pollution in your home.


The roof over our head is an important part of both your safety and energy efficiency in your home. Regular assessments and maintenance are an important part of ensuring that your roof has a long life span, especially if you are in a hurricane zone. Don’t wait until a major repair is needed for your roof. Contact us to get a comprehensive roofing assessment today!


Green energy is an essential part of facilitating a healthy environment for your family for years to come. By making the switch to solar energy, not only will you save money on your utility bills but you will also reduce your impact on your power grid. Additionally in certain region there are special financing programs that can eliminate your energy bill for a whole year!

Air Conditioning

Living in Florida is likely as hard working as you are, but that means having energy efficient air conditioning units has a huge impact on your potential savings. Inefficient units waste power, as well as introduce potential health risks for you and our family. It is important to perform regular maintenance on your unit to ensure no foreign contaminants are making their way into your home.

Introducing Our Company

Our team of construction specialists are dedicated to exceptional quality every time. As a family owned business we handle each project with the care and attention to detail that we know you deserve. We utilize every bit of experience and knowledge to ensure that we maximize the return on your home investment. Thus resulting in an exceptional, energy-efficient home that is perfect for you and your family. Between our over 50 years of diverse experience and know-how you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with Rubenstein Enterprises.

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