Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are an essential part of Florida living. So ensuring you have a high quality, energy efficient air conditioning unit is an important component to improving your homes energy efficiency. In fact, a research study conducted in New York city said that building owners lost between $130 and $180 million annually due to energy costs from poorly installed cooling systems. That’s a lot of inefficiency!

Current research shows that the average American family spends about $2,200 on energy costs annually with approximately 48% of those costs being for heating and cooling. So the question isn’t if you can save with a more energy efficient home, but how much?

Living in Florida, we know it’s imperative to have a good AC unit in our home. There is nothing worse than running the AC all day and not feeling that it is doing its job efficiently, let alone having the AC unit break regularly. Hiring professionals is important because installing an AC unit involves a lot more technicality than you may think. Choosing the right fit, choosing the right size and the type of unit that is best suited for your home is important and our team is here to help and guide you along the way.

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