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Impact-Resistant Windows for Hurricane Protection

Impact-resistant glass windows are exactly what the name suggests. It is a kind of window specifically designed to withstand the force of a powerful impact. During a storm, the object that causes this impact might be sleet, snow, hail, or even branches or other debris blown about by the wind. Impact-resistant windows, engineered with laminated glass, are held in place by a durable interlayer that provides structural support, stays intact, and withstands direct “attacks.”

Types of Impact Resistant Windows We Offer

As we get close to the hurricane season, now is a wonderful opportunity for property owners in coastal areas to consider examining the level of protection and safety windows offer. If your windows are in poor condition, replacing them with new impact-resistant windows offers additional protection from the wind, rain, and debris that summer storms and hurricanes may cause. Wondering which one to get? Here is the type of impact-resistant windows we offer.

Single or Double-Hung Windows

Due to its contemporary style and ventilating properties, both single and double-hung windows are commonplace in many different architectural layouts of properties today. While several things make single-hung and double-hung windows similar, minor differences exist, such as the number of slashes that slide up and down. A single-hung window has one non-operable or fixed sash and one moveable or operable sash. However, a double-hung window has two moveable or operable sashes.


Commonly seen in kitchens, storerooms, and bathrooms, casement windows are hinged on the side to open outward, allowing fresh air to circulate freely throughout the property while offering an uninterrupted view. In addition to creating a cohesive look, installing casement windows before the arrival of a devastating hurricane might be a vital step in securing the safety of your property. Since the design is weather-resistant, these windows are meant to last for decades.

Horizontal Roller Windows

Similar to a sliding door, horizontal roller window sashes are placed side by side with a bit of overlap, making this kind of window one of the most adaptable types available. Horizontal rollers are available in 2-lite and 3-lite versions, many of which include working panels that can be removed, making cleanup a breeze. The two most important advantages are the unbroken vertical perspective and the substantial airflow. Sourced through PGT®, all windows have been tested to meet NOA approvals.

Fixed Glass Windows

Named for their ability to maximize natural light and provide a picturesque view, pictures or fixed glass windows are pieces of stationary glass fixed in position, meaning they do not open, shut, or move in any direction. Custom formed and fitted to match a project’s particular parameters, enabling property owners to create a sense of style. So whether you want to create a stunning centerpiece for living rooms and other gathering spaces, fixed glass windows are your best bet.

The Many Benefits of Low E-Glass

As a Floridian, you may know how hot it can get during the midst of the summer. Even if the air conditioning is on full blast, the light that comes in through the windows can make the rooms and living spaces much hotter. Moreover, sun exposure may also cause irreversible damage to your pricey furniture—something no property owner wants. The good news is that we may have a solution for you: Low-E glass (low emittance glass).

Low Emittance, often known as Low-E, is a coating placed on window glass to increase energy efficiency. This coating is almost colorless, non-toxic, and extremely thin. Solar control low e-coatings reduce the amount of solar heat entering a house or building to make them cooler and minimize the energy used due to the need for air conditioning. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing low e-glass when upgrading storm protection in your Floridian property.

  • It can greatly improve energy efficiency.
  • Low emissivity dramatically reduces glare.
  • Hurricane, burglar, impact, and blast-resistant.
  • Reduces destructive UV damage to belongings.
  • A great alternative to tedious hurricane shutters.
  • Better choice over glass tinting for cooling savings.
  • Minimizes or eliminates unwanted condensation.

PGT® Impact-Resistant Windows

At Rubenstein Homes FL, we take pride in being an authorized distributor and installation contractor for PGT®, the most popular brand of impact-resistant windows in the United States designed to safeguard families. Trusted by over four million families, PGT® do more than just manufacture impact-resistant windows and doors; they hold the most Miami-Dade certifications in the industry and partner with Florida officials to assist in the writing of the country’s most strict code requirements.

Window Replacement

It is essential to ensure the safety of your family and property during the hurricane season, which occurs annually in Florida. However, finding the answer to “Reliable window replacement services near me” is not as easy as it seems. Without first wading through a sea of information on the internet, blogs, and social media platforms, you may not be able to make a wise decision but search no further. Apart from installing impact-resistant windows, we take care of your replacement needs too.

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Experience Matters

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Rubenstein Homes FL provides comprehensive services, including installing and replacing interior and exterior glass doors and impact-resistant windows. Since 1988, we have provided our clients and the community with goods and services of the highest quality, even before and after several weather systems and hurricanes touched the land of Florida.

Impact Resistant Windows @ Rubenstein Homes

Hurricane season is a treacherous time of year, particularly for properties located in coastal regions like Florida. Now that you’ve gathered answers to all your burning questions about impact-resistant windows, it’s time to hire a professional installer like Rubenstein Homes FL. If your property is located anywhere near Florida’s southeast coast, ping us. We’ve been in this industry for over 50 years, aiming to make The Sunshine State—a hurricane-safe state.

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