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Solar Installation blog 2 - Rubenstein Homes FL

Solar Installation

Are you a new homeowner who has recently been inspired by the solar energy revolution? Maybe you are looking into updating your roof and are unsure of the best choice for you. We’re here to help!

Solar Installation blog 1 - Rubenstein Homes FL

Why go solar?

In the current age of information sharing we are often met with a simple question. Why go solar? The first thing you are likely to hear is that you can eliminate yoru energy bill and save money over time. While that may sound too good to be true, switching to solar can have a few major benefits to you financially.

Homeowners who choose to switch to solar can qualify for a no money down solar update through what is known as the PACE program. So you really could eliminate your electric bill and not spend a ton of money on your solar updates. Check out our financing page to learn more about how this program can help you. Additionally installing solar can increase your home equity by an average of 17%. That is a lot of mullah for a zero down investment!

Solar Installation blog 2 - Rubenstein Homes FL

So maybe the energy savings isn’t the most important part of the solar installation questions you might have. Another benefit to going solar is that they are hurricane rated! hat does that mean for you? Well, the hurricane ratings on solar panels are meant to withstand upwards of 135 mph winds. To put that into context that is the estimated gusts found in a category 4 hurricane.

In the unlikely instance where you find yourself in the path of a major hurricane such as this, we have found that solar panels are able to withstand these hurricane force winds without any significant damage. So not only do you get to maintain your energy savings, but you also get the added reassurance of hurricane resistant roof panels.

Still want more? One of our favorites, is the fact that solar energy is a sustainable or renewable energy. Even on a cloudy day you are still able to generate energy for your home without having to rely on a power grid.